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our philosophy

Children are rich with potential, and like a tree, are inherently poised to grow when they are properly nurtured by their surroundings. Every child is born with competency, curiosity and creativity. Fostering the interaction between their experiences and ideas prepares them for a lifetime.

top five non-negotiables 

Our educators share a pledge to: 


Create a safe environment where children can play, learn and grow.  


Guide children as they develop skills for 21st century learning. 


Support families as they balance the demands of raising a happy and healthy child.


Set the example of a good partner, professional and individual with a passion for life. 


Be a good neighbor who cares for others, our community and the environment.

values we live by

If these values align with yours, this is the right place for your child. It’s why we get out of bed in the morning and what we nurture in the children we care for:  

  • Learning by doing

  • Inclusion and diversity

  • Partnerships

  • Creativity

  • Community

  • Play is the occupation of childhood


Reggio Emilia Inspired 

The Reggio Emilia approach to education is best described as student-centered, using self-directed, experiential learning in relationship-driven environments. At the core, is the belief that children are inherently equipped with “100 different languages” through which they can express their ideas to support learning and development. 


What it looks like: 

A “family tree.” The expression of our Reggio Emilia-inspired curriculum is rooted in the interaction between teachers, children and families, and the environment.

Individualized and stimulating. Educators are advocates and truly get to know each child. Teachers incorporate project-based learning into daily activities based on the interests of the child, while stimulating learning by making the problems more complex and engaging.

The outdoors inside.The seasons inform our investigation stations to support math, science and language exploration based on elements found in nature. 

Home-like setting. Indoors is filled with natural elements complemented by classrooms intentionally designed (and redesigned) to align with the interests of the children.

Community. Construction of knowledge is a group process and children play, learn and grow within their classroom community and when they come together as part of the entire Tree House community. 

Breath of fresh air. Outdoor spaces designed for daily, hands-on interaction with nature including community gardening and nurturing animal friends within our bird houses and bug boxes.

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